Welcome to Coffee In Bed

Greetings from Coffee In Bed!
Soooo wish I was blogging in my bed with coffee right now, but sittin here in my day-job office wishing for the weekend to start.

Coffee in Bed comes from a little thing my fiancee sang to me once on a goofy fun iiiiinnnnnn beeeddd! Love it, and will always remember that. So, I used it as a name for my new art venture and Esty suggests a comforting and serene feeling...colors of blue, white and soft green come to mind. Lying in a cozy bed with a warm cup of coffee, windows open and drapes are moving in the cool morning wind. I want to wake up like that every day.

Coffee in Bed is my new passion. My journey into the world of printmaking and generally transferring ink from objects onto paper and fabrics. The materials are simple and the process is simple and magical in its own way. I have no formal training in this, but i'm quite obsessed with it. Looking for my creative niche and trying to scratch my creative itch, my fiancee said "hey, why don't you try block printing."  I took a class in college, but partying was way more important back then and I was always late for class, skipping and barely completing assignments....sorry Paula! (printmaking master, artist and professer). I will redeem myself.

Posted up are pics of my first prints ever. Living in Asheville doesn't take long for you to become eco-concious, eco-loving, eco-everything, bla bla bla. I will be printing on paper products that are sustainable and/or recycled and hope that others find this as important as I do. These prints are on sugarcane paper which is tree-free and biodegradable.

This print is made from champagne cork.

These prints are from traditional linoleum blocks. Need to perfect my technique obviously.

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  1. I love the name!!! Can't wait to see more of your prints.