DIY Screenprint Mesh Replacement

The following is an instructional on how to replace screen mesh in a wooden screenprinting frame. I Googled this (because I Google eevvvvverything!) for a tutorial the other day, but came up with nothing. Perhaps because it's so damn easy, that no one considered showing you how to do it. Alas, here is my tutorial...enjoy.

Begin by carefully pulling the piping out of the wooden frame.

The old screen mesh is removed and your piping is ready to reinstall with new mesh.

Lay the screen on top of the new screen mesh. I got my roll of mesh from Dick Blick for about $20. This is great because I can re-screen many frames for a fraction of the cost...easy and highly recommended.

Leave about an inch around all sides, cutting the mesh to size. It doesn't have to be neat or perfect. You'll be mashing it in the groove and trimming it all up later. Just cut the mesh bigger than the screen...bam, done.

Flip your screen over so that the groove is visible and ready to accept the new mesh. Make sure the mesh is centered over the screen with enough overlap on all sides. I used a putty knife to get it in the groove because that was the first thing I found, and didn't feel like digging for something suitable. I'd recommend something that isn't as sharp as you want this piping to last. 

Start at one corner, gently pushing in the piping into the groove along one of the edges. You don't have to be super anal or worry about stretching at this point. Just get it in the groove and keep going down one side.

Work your way around the entire screen, working back towards your starting point. It takes a little bit of coordination, but you'll be surprised how it tightens up without much effort. Towards the last two sides, I started putting some tension on the mesh to get it tight. Not sure that was even necessary seemed to just tighten up on it's own.

Boing! Tight as a drum.

Make sure all your piping is crammed down in the grooves...almost done.

Next, trim the extra screen mesh. Please do a better job than this.  : )

That's it, you're done! Ready for some new prints.


  1. Cool, enjoyed the tut - I don't even do screen printing but found it interesting. Thanks!