A look around

In hopes of having an interesting blog someday, I thought I'd start with some things around our home. We're currently remodeling and building our "nest", so there's lots going on here lately. We're getting a little stir crazy too I think. Exhilarating, I know...but I gotta' start blogging about something.

I follow some interesting bloggers (Manhattan Nest, Funnelcloud, BrickHouse, Hindsvik, Jason Hudson, The Exceptional Man, etc.) that inspire, humor and educate me on a daily basis.  I like their art, design and style, so that makes a lot of what they experience in their everyday life interesting to me.

In addition to posting new prints and designs that I come up with, I'm making an effort to post observations and experiences in my life that will hopefully be fun and entertaining to look at. And pictures, lots of pictures. (Hello new IPhone! YESSSSSS) 

That's me.

Our cute little bungalow with a gigantic magnolia tree that craps
beautiful seed pods all over the yard...all year long. I still need to climb that tree.

Our truck "Sparky" is an oldie, but a goodie. Replacing it soon with a more 
baby-friendly mode of transport. We will miss you Sparky and you are awesome.

Our neighborhood is a convenient walk to restaurants, bars, groceries and just about everything. Walking the dogs sucks though because there are busy roads surrounding the whole neighborhood. No fun.

One of the "finished" rooms in the house. Love it. More work to do on that. See Heather's blog on our interior makeover here

Dead plants you say? Just showing off my upcycled green alligator planter.

Hello Henry. 

Best dog EVER! (except for nabbing the pate from our plate last night)

This is Avery... wily, elusive and loves snuggling with Heather. 

Basement man-cave / art studio / vintage furniture repair & storage / home to mice

Yes, a horrible pretty mess, but it'll do. Watch your head!

Printmaking station. Set up for all the lino-cutting, inking, paper-tearing and pressing. Soon to add screen printing and a roller-press is on my wish list.

Handmade photo backdrop for my Etsy shop....works great!

Recent prints drying on vintage table in need of restoration.

I love my vintage silver platter for rolling ink.

My beautiful and talented wife.


  1. Hi Mike - thanks so much for the blog mention! Your house and dogs are completely adorable and I'm a bit envious of your spacious basement studio!

  2. Thanks! Yes, spacious, but quite challenging regulating my ink temperature in the "cave". Started keeping them in the house at room temperature, then pull them out when I'm ready to work.