DIY Screen Printing Tutorial by NoMediaKings

"Silkscreening is such a great happy medium — nestled comfortably half-way
between hand-drawn and mass production, more colourful than photocopying
and with an aesthetic all its own." 

Thought I would share one of the best, low-tech tutorials I've found on screen printing. It's easy to follow and can be done in your home, with no specialized equipment other than the basic screen print materials (screen, ink, squeegee, etc.)  I will be posting my own tutorial on my process soon...stay tuned.


  1. Looks good mike. I have been thinking about something the guys at work say all the time. If some one is stressed out at work they say to "ohm it out" as in saying ohm and taking deep breaths. What makes it unique is that ohm is a unit of measure in an electrical circuit. I'm picturing a shirt with two hands touching pointer to thumb on each hand, ah you got a better imagination than i do. Enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Cool idea Goody! Thanks for checking out my bloggin.

  3. Screenprinting is actually my first printmaking love! I hope to get back into it this summer - I have limited space and have to rinse my screens outside, so I can only do it when the weather is warm. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

  4. Thanks Rachel! My very first graphics job was for a t-shirt printer and have loved it ever since. Block printing is great, but somewhat limited I'm finding out. Screenprinting is more expensive in materials, needs a lot of space to work and is quite time-consuming with the burning, cleaning, etc., but the results are awesomely addictive. Planning on prints on paper, tea towels and shirts. Fun!