Goals & Accountability, Never Too Late

I read a blog the other day about writing things down and how they transform ideas and thoughts into a tangible thing that is more likely to happen once you write it down. In a notebook or journal, it's there for you to see and ponder. On my blog it can be shared, edited and returned to the eyes of the world and creates accountability to it. With that said, here's a work/life/fun list I can start with to reach some goals for the near future.

In no particular order...
  • Make big strides to pursue my creative interests even more.  
  • Reach 100 Etsy sales by end of year
  • Buy a small etching/block printing press
  • Celebrate 1st wedding anniversary in New Orleans, Charleston in October
  • Do my first art fair - Big Crafty (winter art fair)
  • Expand my printmaking/screen printing product line, weed out what's not working
  • Rearrange basement studio for better flow
  • Push our vintage furniture business on Etsy, more sales, etc.
  • Take Heather to a fancy dinner where she can wear that black cocktail dress
  • Sell old truck, buy new SUV (see #1)
  • Start my dental plan and get these damn teeth fixed right
  • Update my wardrobe, professional and casual
  • Visit with my family
  • Wake up earlier for yoga or exercise and/or freelance, studio work
  • Find time and a renewed love for my mountain bike
  • Regular yoga class with Heather at least once a week if possible
  • Go camping with Heather and friends, and attend at least one caving event this year
  • Sustain my meatless diet (exceptions: Bling Pig, Fig, Husk and the Admiral)

Buy Heather some "Loo-ba-tans"  : )

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