Linocut Block Process: Part I

Thought I would share my linocut process on my newest design, a collage of mid-century chairs. 

It turns out that chairs are really freaking hard to draw! I tried to draw some at home, but gave up...maybe I was just impatient that day, but I had resources on my side. So yes, I used my Photoshop skills and whipped this up. I sized it at 5x7 to match my lino block exactly.

Next comes using tracing paper to trace over my photo collage with a 2B pencil.

Flip the tracing paper over so that the graphite is reversed and can be transferred onto the block. When the block is inked on paper, it comes out in the correct orientation.

Using a soft graphite pencil, I go over my lines heavily and the image faintly transfers onto the block.

I then use a black pen to trace over those faint lines so that I know where to make my cuts. If I didn't use a pen, the graphite lines can rub off easily as my hand touches the block, plus they're easier to follow.

Time to start cutting!

Part II will demonstrate using this cut block to transfer my image to paper...stay tuned.

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