A Pisgah Inspired Mountain Bike Block Print

Came up with a new mountain biking print inspired by the Pisgah National Forest, where I ride and do a lot of trail maintenance with my local SORBA club. It's mountainous, rocky, rooty and unforgiving. This design of the terrain could actually translate well for the western U.S. and Canada also. I like the composition and play on the negative space that came out of this idea.

A great website on mountain biking in Pisgah...

Yikes, 40 lbs heavier back then! Big tree clearing on Squirrel Gap.

Top of Buckhorn Gap.

Log ride in Bent Creek.

Trail work day on Greens Lick in Bent Creek. Received "Volunteer of the Day" among 300 participants...I sweated more than anyone, and got some sweet disc brakes as a prize.  : )

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